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Facebook and privacy

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It’s interesting seeing things like David Meyer’s blog “Communication Breakdown” on ZD Net, “Facebook email privacy has a hole” (Jan 12th 2008) which talk about a “discovered” bug, flaw, or issue in the social networking tool of today. In this instance, a flaw in the mobile version of the service which exposed contacts’ email addresses whether they wanted them exposed or not. Fortunately, it sounds like the flaw has been rectified not long after being spotted, but it does send a warning to developers of social software; especially in this age where the web is no longer only accessed via the desktop; with a multitude of devices connecting, each with their own set of unique applications – we have to ensure that privacy is maintained; that we don’t poke holes in an otherwise strong and secure application.

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January 14, 2008 at 11:41 am

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