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Well, I was looking on facebook (the way you do) when I noticed a link :

You’re the winner for today June 10! You’ve just WON one of 12 iPhones given out today!

Now, usually I ignore these things; but this one caught my curiosity. Most other “iPhone” things claim you’ve “won a chance to enter a prize draw” or something of the sort. This one was very clear cut, by pure chance I had happened upon a part of facebook and was lucky enough to win one of only 12 iPhones given away free today.

So I clicked the link thinking “this is too good to be true”; and like all “too good to be true” things, it was.

The link went to a place called and explained to pick up your “free phone” you had to

1) complete reward offers (4 in total; most requiring a subscription to a service or money to be spent to “activate”)

2) refer a unique household to the site who will then complete the requirements (for themselves to get a free iPhone – which means they too must complete 4 offers and refer someone else… who must in turn etc. etc.)

This is very obviously a scam of the worst kind; while the offers look genuine that you have to sign up for, I very much doubt anyone ever receives their “free iPhone” as it looks like you set a chain in motion whereby everyone has to refer someone else (within 60 days) who also completes everything and so on.

When it comes to the redemption; for some reason you’re made to fill out an IRS form (why should we need to as this offer is for U.K. Customers only? And why, for that matter, do the majority of offers seem to require payment in US$ ?)

I would avoid “Top Notch Media” (the company that runs this scam) like the plague if I were you. I mean, there is a slim chance that this could be a genuine offer… but… the fact that they lie to get you to the site and then assume you’re going to be stupid enough to go “well, I might as well sign up for a few £100 worth of things I don’t need so I can get that ‘free’ iPhone I won….”

I hope no-one has fallen for this.


Written by Mas

June 10, 2008 at 10:29 am

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