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Close the Floodbarriers, Open Social Networks!

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Reading “Google/OpenSocial’s director of engineering David Glazer unplugged: ‘Shindig is live’” on ZDnet today; interesting that our Innovations specialist mentioned this to me a couple of days ago. (Although his take on the OpenSocial network was that it would probably be utilized by minority groups in the social networking scheme of thing (so no uptake by myspace or facebook?) However, this item on ZDnet talks about the social networking site, Bebo; apparently the most popular social networking site in the UK , Ireland and New Zealand. The interesting aspect about Bebo is that it is API-compatible with Facebook; meaning things written for Facebook will work on Bebo without any need for recoding.

Which David Berlind, the article’s author, points to pushing the case for the interoperability promoted by the OpenSocial standard (which, incidentally Bebo will be also supporting next year)

I need to find some time to follow some of the related links and read up a bit more; this looks interesting but we’ll see what happens.

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December 14, 2007 at 4:46 pm

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