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Progress? What progress?

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During the course of this week I’ve signed up for facebook; well… that’s a lie – I signed up a good number of months ago, but thought “my God this is an awful place” and ran away screaming (true facts twisted with over-the-top lashings of melodrama for entertainment value). During this week though, our security people came in with a report of someone abusing the facilities and being stupid enough to post a video of themselves doing (part of) said abuse onto facebook.

(Back at the blogs and social networks workshop a couple of weeks back, the fact that people were being “caught” by evidence they’d left under their various social network accounts had been mentioned)

So, they wanted to know if I could capture the video and provide it to them for evidence (which is a piece of cake if you know how to do it and have the right tools (the WRONG TOOLS being freez flv 2 avi – which claims to be freeware, forces you to register and then wants $monies from you so you can use it – avoid like the plague!)) . Although, now on there I decided to have a poke around – to see what communities were “unofficially” existing around the business – to see if the examples given at the “blogs and social networks” workshop were organically occurring in our situation. And they were; maybe not as well thought out as some of the examples they’d shown us, but they were there and starting to grow; and with all the social networking stuff, all you need is one dedicated person with too much time on their hands et voila!

Additionally… I might have made a friend – someone who poked me thinking that I was their brother (with the same name) (or maybe not – we’ll see!)

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December 14, 2007 at 1:33 pm

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