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Jibber Jabber / facebook

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I don’t know if you’ve played Jibber Jabber on facebook (or anywhere else), but I’m a little bit addicted to it. I love the idea of making up stupid (hopefully funny) definitions to – well – often obscure words.
one of my examples:

construct from the obscure sLang computing language. Primarily used for
specialist real-time applications; such as environmental control
systems and alarms.

Fashy is pronounced Fash-why. It is a concatenation and truncation of
the statement “if ash why?” In the sLang language it will return one of
the following when called.

1) The house has burnt down.
2) Well, you do live on mt Vesuvius.
3) We’re in an Evil Dead movie.
4) Smokin’.

Other, related, conditional constructs include; Fwety, Fherey, Fquestionstupidy and FblinkingLEDy.

Okay, I’m a bit nerdy :) You mean you hadn’t noticed ? (btw: previously the word was defined as “Everyone’s favorite talking scarf wearing giraffe – the fashion industry mascot.” which didn’t do much of anything for me. )

Facebook is an odd place though; there is so much crap on there – but there are a few gems – particularly when it comes to the offline/online multiplayer. One of the problems I have though, and I’m sure many people will have; is that it is so easy to be sucked into wasting time which should be being used much more productively. A quick session over lunch (which, more and more often for me is being spent accepting/ignoring application requests; and wondering to myself whether I should accept those lingering friend requests from people I’ve never met. It is nice though, definitely; a good place to communicate with family and friends without having to really put much effort in (why write long messages when a “status update” and a “facebook gift” of good karma, a doll, hug or carebear tells the person you’re thinking of them.. well… so long as it is only the one… like everything, abundance makes it pretty meaningless.)

I really should take some time and weed out the applications I don’t use, probably will never use; but, what the hey – it’s only facebook. It’s not like future employers, friends, lovers will search for me and discover I’m some sort of crazy hoarder… will they?


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April 25, 2008 at 9:04 am

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